Milk Drop Mocha Marshmallow Almond


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Each of the three elements that combine to make this sultry e-liquid so irresistible to vapers is the quality of the ingredients. Rich and dark chocolate melt at your command and cover your clouds in elegant sweet morsels. Smooth and nutty almond provides a zinger of flavor that grabs your attention and warns you not to overlook its subtle undertones. And finally, soft and puffy marshmallows bring the laughter and the sweetness that brings these two darker flavors together in unanimous harmony. Are your vape taste buds watering yet? Milk Drop needs no introduction; for a flavor that is authentic as well as unique, puff on a decadent after-dinner dessert and satisfy your insatiable dessert cloud cravings! Snag a bottle of Mocha Marshmallow Almond Ejuice by Milk Drop today and unleash your clouds to join their cloud brothers in the sky!