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The Triple Fused Clapton Coil Ni80 from Vandyvape was specially developed for the Mato RDTA and is included as an accessory with the evaporator.
The ready-to-use coils consist of 3 x 26ga (0.405mm) cores, are wrapped with 36ga (0.127mm), and completely made of Ni80 wire. With an inner diameter of 3.5mm and 5 windings, the resistance is approx 0.23-0.26ohms.

The material combination of Ni80 is extremely quickly conductive and therefore heats up much earlier than, for example, stainless steel. In addition, the sheathing with the very fine wire provides a much larger surface area on which much more liquid can evaporate. That’s why a triple Fused Clapton Coil Ni80 from Vandyvape provides more taste and dense vapor. Also not only suitable for the Mato, but also for almost all RDA and RDTAs

Brand: Vandy Vape
Unit: 5pcs/Set
Technology: Triple fused Clapton
Material: Ni80/0.26ohm